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Banitsa: Phyllo Dough With Feta


Banitsa is not only my favorite, but all of my friends favorite Bulgarian dish! It is a Bulgarian classic that is made for breakfast, parties and for New Years Eve. Banitsa is really fluffy, comforting and full of flavor. This …

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Opa! Chef George Rapitis cooks favorite Greek dishes

Spinach Pie slice

If you want to eat “simple but healthy and filling food,” go Greek. “It’s eating a Mediterranean diet, where they have meat mostly at celebrations and their daily meals are things like feta cheese and olives and lemon rice soup,” …

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Nibbles for New Year’s


New Year’s Eve is traditionally the time to celebrate with friends, toast the year past, and wish nothing but the best for the coming year. This year, for fans of Clemson, Oklahoma, Alabama and Michigan State, New Year’s Eve will …

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End the year in good taste, with plenty of nibbles


Beginning your New Year’s Eve celebration at home has its advantages. You’re not fighting crowds or the weather or the ticking time clock on your early-seating restaurant table. Paired with the right beverages, an array of appetizers can perform small-plate …

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Pecan Brie and Brown Sugar Phyllo Bites


Ready in just minutes with only 4 ingredients, these Pecan Brie and Brown Sugar Phyllo Bites are hard not to pop in your mouth repeatedly.  The perfect appetizer for last minutes guests.

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Chocolate Dipped Cannoli Cups


I don’t like to leave my house on New Year’s Eve.  I like to hunker down with my family, watch TV, eat some YUM food and make a cocktail or two with my husband.  The thought of venturing out and …

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Baked treats worth the effort


Baked goods can take some time to prepare. But as many baking enthusiasts know, the results are well worth the effort. Such is the case with the following recipe for “Pistachio Honey Rolls” from Marguerite Marceau Henderson’s “Small Sweet Treats”

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Three Tomatoes Shrimp and Scallop in Phyllo with an Artichoke Aioli


A heavenly, epicurean treat for the senses.   Three Tomatoes Catering shares their recipe for these mouth-watering treasures from their holiday cocktail menu. Pairs perfectly with a glass of dry sparkling wine!

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10 noshes for New Year’s

Holiday happy hour: Easy appetizers for your holiday party table

Recipes for blue cheese and mushroom gougères; phyllo triangles with squash and mint; marinated olives; stuffed mushrooms; lemon grass beef and scallion rolls; linguica spread; caesar stuffed eggs, pecan maple blue cheese bourbon tart; and candied jalapeños.

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Cheesey bacon Rotel cups are quick, easy appetizer


A few years ago my family decided to try something different for our Christmas dinner. Rather than prepare basically the same big meal we had for Thanksgiving just a few weeks before, my mom decided we would do an appetizer …

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